Swimming school

plavecka_skola1The swimming school in Ústí nad Orlicí was established 20 years ago. The swimming lessons are run five days a week, in the morning hours and partly in the afternoon hours. The possibility of taking swimming lessons is used by all schools in the town and schools from nearby villages. The lessons take place during the school year. We try to satisfy all demands of modern swimming lessons. We try to teach children swimming in the entertaining way. We use swimming gadgets, we teach children basic swimming techniques and we improve their swimming and physical condition. All programmes and lessons are prepared by specialists and the courses are taught by skilled instructors who love working with children.

School year 2014-2015

This year swimming lessons were taken by 3605 pupils from 73 schools.

Nursery schools 852 children
Elementary schools 2644 pupils
High schools 109 pupils

Organization of the swimming lessons

Swimming lessons run in four courses. Each course has 20 lessons. A lesson lasts 45 minutes. Pupils participate in ten 90-minute lessons. Eight of them will be following each other, two lessons can be inserted.

1st course : September – November
2nd course : November – February
3rd course : February – April
4th course : April – June

Methodology of swimming lessons

Pupils enter for preliminary, basic and developing swimming lessons. During their ten lessons they learn basic swimming techniques, different swimming styles (breaststroke, backstroke, crawl-stroke) and we develop their ability to swim. They learn water polo, they try rescuing an exhausted swimmer. We pay attention to self-preservation (water awareness). When they finish the course, children receive a wet report, water toy, a photo of pupils from their school. In the end they can play, participate in competitions and they can take a ride on a roller coaster.

The swimming lessons are taught by trained tutors who look forward to working with their pupils.