Preparatory swimming course

Preparatory swimming course – 15 lessons

--19For 5-year-old children

There are 15 lessons, the children attend the lessons without parents. This course follows the basic and developing course for children and their parents. Children should improve basic swimming skills and they should learn swimming styles – crawl-stroke, breaststroke and backstroke. We use lots of games to master various swimming styles.

Duration of the lesson: 60 minutes

Lessons take place:

  • swimming pool: size of 25 x 10,5 , depth of 105 – 170 cm, decreasing bottom, 5 lines, jumping area, The technology uses saltwater without adding chlorine.
  • water temperature: 28 °C
  • air temperature: 30-32 °C

 After finishing the course children receive a report and a water toy.

Rules for apologies and substitution

  • Price of the course includes 15 lessons
  • The course must be paid before the first lesson starts.
  • The price does not include injury insurance of the child
  • During the 15 lessons it is possible to have only 2 substituted lessons, but only if the missing lessons are apologized. You can apology here: or you can send a text message as directed in the course pass, which you receive in the first lesson
  • In the case of absence the child must be apologized until 8 p.m. (the previous day of the lesson).
  • unapologized lessons cannot be substituted
  • if a child is absent, it is not possible to refund the money
  • Substitution for a substituted lesson is not possible
  • Substitution lessons can be realized only in the running course, it is not possible to transfer it into another course
  • It is important to solve the substitution in time, you cannot postpone it until the end of the course. Due to full vacancy it might be impossible to satisfy your request for substitution
  • After you pay and you take the first lesson, it is not possible to request a refund.
  • In case of cancelling the lesson by the entrepreneur, you will be given a substitution lesson.