Entertaining swimming for children

Entertaining swimming for children (after school swimming)

p1070386LOGO-DDM11-150x140Swimming course for children – non-swimmers who attend the 1st class in school and for children – swimmers who want to improve their swimming skills

Children are divided into groups according to their age and physical abilities and their swimming abilities.


The aim of the course is to teach children basic swimming skills using games and swimming aids, to teach them how to move in water (floating, orientation under and above water, breathing into water, jumping into water. They are taught at least one swimming style (breaststroke) and the basics of other swimming styles (backstroke and crawl-stroke).


The aim of this course is to fix adaptation to water entertainment, they will probably improve swimming breathing, space orientation and movement in water. They improve their swimming techniques and we try to correct badly learned habits. They learn new swimming styles and specific skills.

We include water games, water polo, rescue swimming and self-preservation.
Other possibilities: Steam cabin, Whirlpool, roller coaster, Aquazorbing