Visiting rules

They serve for ensuring of order, safety and visitors’ health protection.
Each visitor of outside gym has to become acquainted with the visiting rule and necessarily follow the instructions.

Using of the multipurpose sport ground with artificial turf.

  1. The multipurpose ground with an artificial surface is a property of the city company TEPVOS Ltd., Usti nad Orlici, which is also its keeper.
  2. The ground was built due to a 50% grant from the Ministry of Development CZ from a national program focused on support of tourism called “Cestovani dostupne vsem”. It is destined for sport and holiday activities of general public.
  3. The multipurpose sport ground consist of:
    • a sport ground for ball games, with a size of 31×15 m,
    • a small mountain wall – boulder 4 m high,
    • an outside gym with five machines for straightening
    • a technical and social rear area with a livery with sport equipment
  4. The ground serves mainly for ball games (indoor football, volleyball, basketball, floorball, streetball, tennis, beach tennis, soft tennis and badminton). A different activity is allowed to practice here just with an express written assent of the keeper..



  1. The entry to the ground space is allowed just during the opening time with a valid ticket or after using the CITY CARD and paying through automatic system. You can buy CITY CARDS at cash desks of other sport places in the town, where you can also put a credit on them.
  2. After buying a ticket, you have to keep this visit rule, take notice of staff’s instructions in the ground and abide with information on information and additional boards.
  3. The opening time of the ground and its possible changes will be hung on the information board at the entrance of the ground and also on the website
  4. Children who aren’t 12 years old are allowed to visit the ground just with a person who is 18 and older.
  5. For a reservation of the ground you can use a reservation system on a web site
  6. The entry is allowed just in clean and suitable shoes.
  7. If you book the ground and you don’t arrive on time, after the lapse of 10 minutes the ground will be at the disposal of general public or another a fee-paying client.
  8. A groundkeeper (eventually his deputy) is entrusted with a collection of charges for using of the ground according to the price list, which is published on web sites
  9. The leading of the ground can establish a point of time for collective events and sport organizations. During this time, the ground or its part is not available for the general public.
  10. A groundkeeper is responsible for a fluent service. (In case of his absence his duty.)
  11. The last entry always 1 hour before the ground is closed.
  12. In the case of a defect or damage of any sport equipment, surface or protective fencing is a user obligated to notify this fact to the groundkeeper, who immediately informs the keeper. Each user is responsible for any negligently inflicted injuries which were caused by wrong using.
  13. In the case of bad weather the groundkeeper is competent (partly, or totally) to cancel all activities in the ground, money for bought tickets cannot be put back.
  14. If a user of the ground infringes the rules, the groundkeeper (or his duty) is competent to eject him/her from the ground without the right to get compensation for standby time.
  15. After the end of the activity, the user has to lock the sport area and return the keys to the ground keeper if he doesn’t say the other way.


 Users’ duties in the GROUND

Users are obligated to:

  • use the sport ground just for sport activities
  • protect the sport area and immediately notify of any damage
  • protect the sport area from vandals and malicious damage
  • follow conventions connected with safety, hygiene and fire prevention.
  • prevent the ground from damage and if a user is a witness of this destructive activity, he has to notify it to the groundkeeper, or to call the police, phone number 158 158

It is forbidden:

  • to pollute the ground or to damage it or its artificial turf and sport equipment (cages, columns, gates, fencing, machines etc. ),
  • to throw rubbish beside the bins,
  • to enter the ground in dirty or improper shoes (running shoes, football boots etc.),
  • for children who aren’t 12 years old to enter the ground without a person who is 18 years old and older,
  • to smoke in the whole sport area,
  • to drink alcohol, take drugs and other narcotics,
  • for any drunken people to enter the sport area,
  • to enter with dogs and all animals to the sport area,
  • to threaten other users in the sport area, to hold down these people or annoy them.,
  • to cycle, to use roller-skates and a skateboard,
  • to have any actions in the area without a prior approval of the town association TEPVOS Ltd., Usti nad Orlici.

The others:

  1. All sport activities of the user are at own risk.
  2. It is not recommended to bring any valuable things and a higher amount of money to the sport area. In the case of a substandard amount or more expensive things which value is higher than 5.000 CZK, the visitor is obligated to ask for safekeeping at the staff in the ground. Both during the handover of the things and the taking them back, the visitor has to show his identity card with a photo. The visitor will receive a confirmation that he handed over mentioned things or money. This service costs 10 CZK.
  3. Neither the groundkeeper nor the keeper is responsible for damage of things which weren’t deposited at the staff in the ground.
  4. The keeper is not responsible for injuries and accidents which were caused by visitor’s carelessness, disorderliness, negligence or doing anything in defiance of the visiting rule of the attraction.
  5. If the users don’t adhere to this visiting rule, they behaviour is improper or they destroy and derogate sport equipment, they will be ejected and will be responsible for prospective injuries. Then the users will be asked for full compensation.
  6. All organizers (convenor, or pedagogical guidance) of the group of visitors have to become acquainted with this visiting rules before they use the sport areas.
  7. If the user doesn’t adhere to this rule, the renter is competent to eject him from the sport area.


The multipurpose sport ground with an artificial turf was built in 2016 by the city company TEPVOS Ltd., Usti nad Orlici, due to a grant from the Ministry of Development CZ and its national program of support of travel movement called “Cestování dostupné všem”.

This visiting rule was authorized by agents of the city company TEPVOS, Ltd.
The visiting rule is effective from 1st June 2016.