Outside gym

Outside gym

A modern outside gym is also a part of the multipurpose ground. There are five machines for straightening on gravelly surface which are suitable for stretching of the whole body.

Advantages of the outside gym:

  • pleasant atmosphere,
  • exercise on fresh air,
  • improves a condition, a function of cardio-vascular system, elasticity and coordination, straightening of muscles, elasticity of joints, ensures stretching of the whole body and helps losing weight,
  • there aren’t used weights on the machines, visitors work just with their weight,
  • the machines are resistant to weather conditions.

The types of machines for straightening:

  1. http://www.colmex.cz/files/products-cs/cx-09/produktovy-list-cx-09.pdf
  2. http://www.colmex.cz/files/products-cs/cx-05/produktovy-list-cx-05.pdf
  3. http://www.colmex.cz/files/products-cs/cx-11/produktovy-list-cx-11.pdf
  4. http://www.colmex.cz/files/products-cs/cx-27/produktovy-list-cx-27.pdf

Function: It is made for straightening and stretching of the whole body. It is also suitable for physiotherapy. It is suitable for people of all ages except for little children.
HAYRACK – hang on to the upper pommel for your hands, your back is on the bench and hang-up, or raise your legs aloft where you want.
It is made for stretching of your arms, legs and back.
The rotating big wheel, the hand treadle – it is made for straightening and exercising of shoulder muscles and upper limbs.
The rotating wheel – stand to the machine sidelong with mild knee-bend and be stridden slightly. Grasp a handle of the machine and rotate with the wheel on the right and on the left according to your specific intervals.
THE HAND TREADLE – sit down on the seat, grasp handles of the treadle and pedal with your hands like on the bike.
THE SEAT – it is made for stretching of the trunk – sit down on the stool, put your legs under the lower pommels fast and rotate with your body first on the right and then on the left.
Sitting grasp the upper pommels, sag your back and stretch your back.

Conform the rhythm of your exercise to your physical condition.
It is made for straightening and stretching of the whole body.
It is also suitable for physiotherapy.