Sports ground

The sports ground is for everybodyexport_26. It is multipurpose with artificial turf; its size is 31 x 15 m. It is instrumental mainly for ball games (indoor football, volleyball, basketball, floorball, streetball, tennis, beach tennis, soft tennis and badminton) and for sport activities of general public. It is situated in the western part of the Aquapark in Usti nad Orlici. It was built in 2016 by the city company TEPVOS with a grant which was assigned by the Ministry of Development CZ, from a national program focused on support of tourism called “Cestovani dostupne vsem”. A small mountain wall – boulder is a part of the sport ground. Then you can use an outside gym with five machines for straightening, and a technical rear area with a livery with sport equipment. You can bring your own sport equipment with you. You can book the sport ground through a booking terminal, which you will find on the internet side


Report about sports ground.