Sauna with rituals

Saunas with rituals for this season do not take place. Thank you for your understanding.

What you can look forward to during the rituals in the sauna:

These rituals in our sauna have taken place in Usti nad Orlici for four years. We were inspired by wellness programmes which already offered this activity, both in our republic, and abroad. The rituals, often called sauna ceremonials, are quite a novelty and become very popular at visitors of our sauna. Our aim is to induce a good atmosphere, a feel of peace, relaxation and strain. We offer these rituals in our sauna for 4 groups of clients: children, women, men and couples. Sauna rituals vary a common sauna headed by an experienced instructor, our clients’ skin is usually spread with various healthy and pleasant products (olive oil, honey, sea salt, herbs, spice, yoghurt, therapeutic mud etc.) The ritual usually consists of free parts. The instructor pour stones with aromatic substance, then he/she spins the hot air with a towel among visitors (so called steam whiff, which help to open pores in a better way) and also spreads bodies with chosen products, which corresponds with the topic of the ritual. Come and experience the ritual personally.