Rules of the SAUNA

A sauna is of a Finnish origin and it is a small building or a room which is used for warming during the heat bathing. The walls of the sauna are wood-faced, the room is isolated very well in this way, and moreover wood influences our psyche very positively.

The heat bathing has mainly a preventive effect. It helps to the heart and its calmer activity, it deepens and slacks air passages, it improves pain of joints and muscles. It also helps with your nervousness or migraine. The sauna seems to be a place suitable for relaxation. Due to the heat bathing, body starts being oxidized, pores and vessels broaden. Your skin can breathe, it is softer and more elastic. Arms and legs are set up with blood in a better way, it is good for people who suffered with “cold legs” in winter. Due to strong sweating, the body starts to shed a lot of liquids including noxious and toxic substances.

Before sauna

Before we enter the sauna, we have to do a „pre-wash”, best with soap. Basically, we enter the sauna naked. We have already said, toxic substances are secreted during sweating and they could cumulate, if we wore a swimming suit or trunks in the sauna. We could also risk an allergic reaction.

Inside sauna

Place a towel on the bench and sit on it. Spend 15 minutes in the sauna, children should leave the hot room after 5-10 minutes. A thermal difference in the sauna can reach easily 25 °C. From the ground to the highest bench (it is near the ceiling), the temperature can be from 80 to 105°C. The difference is not so big at infra saunas, it is about 50 °C. At the beginning, sit on the lowest place. If you feel unpleasant, it will be the best for you, if you leave the room.

After leaving sauna

After the leaving the sauna, don’t cool your head immediately, but first wash your face with your hands very slowly. If you don’t have any experience with heat bathing, it will not be such a big shock. At first, you can leave out cooling in the swimming pool. If you enter the swimming pool, never jump into it and use the stairs. It is good after cooling to stay outside until you feel cold and then you can return to the sauna. You can do this three times – 3x rating, 3x cooling.

Children in sauna

If you decide to visit the sauna with children, don’t force them, the younger the child is, the more patience and understanding you have to have. The sauna is suitable for children from the age of 3.

Basic rules for the heat bathing

– The temperature in the sauna is about 90°C, in infra sauna about 50°C
– The optimal time for the heat bathing is in the evening because of the sleep
– During 30 minutes your body loses 0.5 l of water
– It is recommended to go to the sauna once a week 90-120 minutes

Sauna can help you with

If you think, you will lose weight in the sauna, unfortunately you will be disappointed. Your fat will not be reduced, you will only sweat out 0.5 l of water, which you will drink later again. Another myth is, you cannot just sweat out an illness or a beginning illness.

Don’t go to the sauna, if…

you have a cold and inflammations, cardio-vascular illnesses, a fever, after a substantial meal or on an empty stomach, if you are thirsty or after a tug. You mustn’t have any alcohol in your blood. Ill people should go to their doctor to find out if the sauna is suitable for them.


If you go to the sauna once a week, you will see an effect of the heat bathing after a few visits. Your blood circulation and metabolism will be improved, your vascular system will be strengthened. If hot and cold air changes, mucous membranes are forced to adapt to thermal changes, they are well perfused, and their nutrition and immunity is improved. The result is: your hardiness and your resistance to infection.