Thai Massage – NEW

Thai massages were used as healing methods 2,000 years ago. Today they do not serve to cure themselves, but they act as a way of preventing the blockage from happening. We have a positive feedback from clients that if healthy lifestyle is supplemented once a month with Thai massage, it is ideal.

The essence of traditional Thai massage is the knowledge of energy pathways in the body (meridians) and reflexive points on them. The masseur pushes these points through his thumb, heel, knee, forearm or palm and gently manipulates the client’s body. Thais indulge in traditional Thai massage even in several-hour sets. Thai massages give body and soul absolute relaxation. With the accompaniment of relaxing music, the candle light and the aroma of oriental oils, you will be transferred to another world.

Thai massage or yoga for lazy.  🙂

Our Thai masseuses have a certificate and experience from selected Thai schools in Bangkok. We prefer the renowned WatPho School in Bangkok. 


Book your Thai massage at the introductory rates on tel .: 774 673 365, 465 524 254 

Thai massage must be booked no later than Saturday before 15:00 before the scheduled date.

In case of interest, the number of Thai massage dates will be increased. 

video – samples of individual massages