Indoor Cycling

--6Indoor Cycling is super for people who want:
– to relax and don’t think about anything: just to ride a bike and don’t thing about complicated movements
– to lose their weight in the most effective way
– to improve their condition and for the present they don’t dare to do anything else

Indoor Cycling is an effective group exercising on stationary bikes where music, motivation and imagination become one complex with a perfect training plan. This original cycling programme offers physical and mental elements of a sports training. It is suitable for all people aside from their age and level of efficiency.

Indoor cycling combines training according to a heart rate and five styles of a ride, thus it offers an unrepeatable way of training. This Indoor Cycling programme was made with knowledge, that each person has different needs and aims. A ride of each participant corresponds to his individual physical conditions.

More than 16.000 authorized centres offer Indoor Cycling programme, these lessons are led by 60.000 certificated instructors in 80 countries around the world. Due to strict license rules and consistent adherence to training methods, you can see essentially the same lesson on Florida, in Italy, in Germany, or in the Czech Republic.

Indoor Cycling can be offered just by authorised centres, where lessons are led by instructors with a certificate. Just in this case you can be sure, that original, safe and effective principles are kept for you.

Proč jít na Indoor Cycling?

  • Body forming – during a lesson we burn 400-600 kcal, it is 12x more than during an aerobic lesson without joint straining.
  • Increases in condition in a simple and amusing way
  • Everybody is able to ride a bike
  • Our lessons are led by qualified and experienced instructors
  • Indoor Cycling + straightening with a rubber band – you can form all part of your body
  • We have 15 stationary bicycles, which cannot be compared with an “ordinary exercise bicycle”
  • Each participant controls her/his level intensity according to his/her ability or fitness level
  • Free ionic drink lesson of Indoor Cyclingu:

For the 1st lesson come 10 minutes before the beginning, you need just a towel and a lot of water, free ionic drink!

Iontový nápoj u nás zdarma!

  • We recommend to drink at least 1 liter of still water (or ionic drink) before, during and after a lesson
  • You don’t need special clothes, you can use sportswear which you wear for an usual sport activity or fun-trip.
  • We recommend trainers, you don’t need special shoes