22ALPINNING™ programme combines training with many exercises and training very comfortable checking all parameters (speed, heart rate, energy supply, uběnuté cvičencům kilometres), providing unique way. This program is created with the knowledge that each of us has different needs and objectives in practice, programme ALPINNING™ has lessons in several levels. Each party will choose the lessons, which corresponds to the level of the individual physical assumptions.

ALPINNING™ new motivation, new energy, new philosophy, a new exercise, new people, new to expand your fitness program, a new chance to start a business, promoting a new, healthy lifestyle, strong link in the fitness community and client.

ALPINNING™ is unique cardiovascular program, the lower and upper part of the body. Improving aerobic capacity and burns the calories. ALPINNING coordinated series of movements involving muscles, which stabilize the VO2max and improve the cardiovascular system. Thanks final extension and strengthening expander ALPITRACK simulator using the outside post training increases the energy supply.

  • I go to ALPINNING™?
  • Whenever I do something good for their health.
  • Anytime, if I want to improve my mental side.
  • Anytime, if I want to be part of the team.
  • Whenever I hear great motivational music.
  • Whenever I make the best use of their time actively.
  • Anytime, I’m OK.                                                                           

I’m going to my first lesson — a few pointers.

Rather a come on. 10 minutes before the start of ” only a towel and plenty of fluids. ”

  • it is recommended that before, during and after a drink 1 litre or more ion drink
  • either still water or no special clothes, can be used for normal use
  • sports or recreation activity you enjoy quality sports footwear ALPINNING it’s great about your feelings about the first lesson ALPINNING share with friends and colleagues to everything you ask