Visiting rules

They serve for ensuring of order, safety and visitors’ health protection.
Each visitor of mini-golf has to become acquainted with the visiting rules and necessarily follow the instructions.
Basic regulations
1. Mini-golf is intended for amusement, relaxation and rest.
2. Children who aren’t 10 can come just with a person at the age of 18 and older.
3. The capacity of the mini-golf is 45 people. If the capacity is full, the entry will be regulated by the staff of the mini-golf.
4. In the case of bad weather (e.g. rain), the sport area is closed. The tracks and landscape must dry up two hours after rain.
5. Each player is responsible for losing and injury of borrowed sport equipment (golf club, ball) and playing area.
6. It is forbidden to go into all mini-golf tracks and all playing areas!
7. Playing rules are written on the backside of the card.
8. Each visitor will buy a playing card on the entering the playing area, it is also a ticket and a document about lending of the sport equipment (golf club and ball).
9. The buying of the card is the beginning of game.
10. Playing time of 1 range is maximally 90 minutes.
11. If the visitor buys the playing card, he/she is obliged to follow the instructions of these visiting rules and keepers’ instructions.
12. The visitors are obligated to take care of the sport equipment and pay all inured loss and damage incurred.
Duties of visitors of mini-golf
The visitor is obligated:
· to follow to the visiting rules and keeper’s and staff’s instructions,
· to bear well and behave properly, so as not to threaten the others and herself/himself,
· to keep the tidiness and to throw rubbish into rubbish bins,
· after the end of the game to return sport equipment and to leave the sport area with a given exit
It is forbidden:
· entering of children who aren’t at least 10 years old. These children can enter with a person who is 18 and older,
· to run or jump over the tracks,
· to ride a bike, a scooter, use roller-skates and other facilities
· to play mini-golf during bad weather (rain, strong wind, storm, hailstones, frost, icing, snow, fog, etc.),
· to tent, sleep or make a fire,
· to pollute or to be harmful to spaces, equipment, facilities of the sport area and sport equipment (a golf club, ball) and a playing area in any ways,
· to smoke in the whole area of mini-golf,
· to drink alcohol and take any narcotics,
· for drunken people to enter,
· the entry of dogs and any animals,
· to threaten other users’ health, to hold down these people or annoy them,
The others:
1. All playing activities of the mini-golf player are at his/her own risk.
2. The keeper is not responsible for prospective injuries which will be caused by visitor’s carelessness, disorderliness, and carelessness.
3. If the user doesn’t follow these rules, if he doesn’t behave properly or in the case of malicious damage of sport equipment, the user will be banished from the sport area and he will be asked for compensation.
4. If the user doesn’t follow to these rules, the groundkeeper is competent to banish him from the mini-golf area.
These visiting rules were authorised by agents of the city company TEPVOS, Ltd.
These visiting rules hold from the 1st June 2016.