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One Lesson CZK 110

Times: every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

What is Aqua-Aerobic ?

Aqua-Aerobic are aerobic exercises in water. The aim is to strengthen physical condition, reduce weight and shape the body. There are no shakes as it is by other forms of exercises, it protects not only our joints but also our cardiovascular system. It is suitable for all ages, non-sportsmen and elderly people, there are lots of psychological influences. When you go under the water, you have the feeling of privacy, we enjoy group training, it is good entertainment, and the exercise is accompanied by motivating music. The way of exercise depends on the depth of water. Because of the descending bottom we take exercise in shallow water (depth to waist), transitional water (depth up to shoulders) and deep water (without touching the bottom).

The lesson begins with warming up exercises – increasing of cardiovascular frequency, you have to get used to the water surroundings and movements in the water. Next is muscular strength and conditioning, exercises for flexibility. The lesson ends up with stretching and warm up exercises to get the body into warm peace.

During the exercise in water there are used various gadgets which make the exercise more effective.

  • Unibands – you can use them around your waist, arms and ankles
  • Aqua dumb-bells
  • Aqua noodlese

The gadgets help with stability in water or they help with bodybuilding. The gadgets can be used separately or they can be combined. So the lessons become varied and more attractive.

Clothing and drinking regime

We need swimming costumes, preferably a one-piece swimming costume of a sport design. We have bad experiences with two-piece swimming costumes (they do not suit, shoulder-straps fall down). Take a bath towel, a drinking bottle. We recommend taking ionic drinks with magnesium, still mineral water with lemon or herbal tea without sugar. If you want to lose weight and to make the exercise more effective, it is possible to use various food supplements. L-Carnitin is recommended. It encourages lipid removing, reduces its accumulation and encourages physical power. There are lots of these products. We will be delighted to give advice.

Advantages of aqua aerobics

– c- exercise which does not repress muscles and does not burden joints and spine – because of the water resistance you do not have to stress yourself too much – heart beat is slower when taking exercises in water – it increases or at least keeps bone strength (osteoporosis prevention) – exercises muscles which are used aground rarely and so that they are weak – hydrostatic pressure which affects you in water improves cardiovascular and lymphatic system and so it helps to reduce water in body – water massage leads to cellulite prevention – the following day after the exercise your muscles will not feel tired – even if you sweat, you will never feel sweaty because you are cooled by the water – exercising in water is healthy, water has rehabilitative effects – while exercising you are hidden in water which might be cheering for those who feel shy taking exercises in a gym – air above the water is clean, dust-free, suitable for allergic people – you do not have to be able to swim – you do not have to wet your hair – IT IS ENTERTAINMENT.


We offer these possibilities of the steam cabin:

– individual steam bath, steam bath and salt (iodine salt)

– salt ( mist of iodine salt)

– aroma steam bath
 Positive effects of steam:

– prevention against respiratory illnesses

– healing impact on skin

– prevention against inflections of upper respiratory tract


– increases expandability of collagen tissues

– reduces joint stiffness

– reduces muscular spasm

– reduces pain

– helps by inflammation and swellings– perfuses skin and improves its elasticity

– helps by acne, tetter, psoriasis, burning and skin diseases

– deep warming and sweating helps by cellulite