Classic , sports, recondition massages

A massage is considered to be the oldest healing method. When we are hit or injured, we start to rub and press the injured place – that is actually a massage.

What is the effect of the classic massage?

The first massage influence is mechanical. During a massage oxygenated blood is forced to flow towards a heart. That means that the blood delivers nutrients to circumferential parts of our body, then during the massage the blood is forced to return quicker to the heart, it takes new nutrients and delivers again to the whole body. The whole body is recovered more quickly. Another massage influence is biochemical. Chemical components start working in our body, capillaries extend themselves, they are filled with blood and the skin gets red. We press reflective points so that we affect our inner organs. When the massage is appropriate it affects not only the local place but also the whole body. We can talk about local, distant and global influence of the massage.

Local influence

A massage helps to clear corneous layers of skin. It comes to raising secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands. Veins force blood to return to the heart quicker and lymphatic vessels are emptied quicker. Capillaries are extended, all organs are well-perfused, and metabolism is quicker. Stretch muscle is lower. When we press the nerve ends on our bodies we affect the distant places. They are reflective effects, which help to perfuse the organs.

Sports and recondition massages

These massages are used after demanding sport activities, they lower stretch muscle. Recondition massage is used when you are tired, stressed or exhausted.

What is the effect of a sports massage?12349800_xxl

  • Supports a regeneration of muscles and tissues
  • Reduces pain of movements and improves movement power
  • Increases skin perfusion.
  • Removes toxins
  • Releases feeling of stiffness
  • Supplies regular physical activities

Massages are provided by Mr. Libor Tomáš.

You can book massages:  Libor Tomáš  mobil: 603 467 656 mail:

Price list of massages – it is possible to pay by town card

An hour massage according to own choice 60 min. CZK 300
Classic massage (< 60 min.)  
back massage 45 min. CZK 250
neck massage 45 min. CZK 150
arms massage 45 min. CZK 200
legs massage 60 min. CZK 300
Sports massage (< 30 min.)  
buttock massage <20 min. CZK 100
back legs massage <20 min. CZK 150
front legs massage <20 min. CZK 150
feet massage <30 min. CZK 150
shoulder massage <20 min. CZK 100
hands massage <20 min. CZK 150
back massage <30 min. CZK 200
neck massage <20 min. CZK 100