Fitbox is an ideal aerobic exercise, which influences reducing of weight very positively. The exercising is suitable for people who take care of their body and want to be slim. During a 50-minute lesson you will lose 1230 – 3140 kJ and even more, it is much more than during classical forms of exercise. Regular FITBOX training will help you to form and strengthen your body, moreover you will obtain a great condition and a good temper.
Regular FITBOX classes help improve your skin, because during increased physical effort is your skin set up with blood better, a man sweats, his pores are opened and harmful pollutants and dirt are washed out. If you drink enough (2-4 litres a day) and keep a healthy lifestyle, your skin will probably improve, it will be more elastic and will look better.
FITBOX helps keep or even improve your condition in a simply and amusing way. Are you not in a good condition? It doesn’t matter. Due to our FITBOX programme, skilled instructors and your visits in our centre you will be in a good condition in a spontaneous and amusing way. Moreover – in incredibly short time. The FITBOX programme enables specialized preparation for various types of sports. Through the use of an indicator of a heart rate it is possible to stimulate a certain physical zone and to watch ideal conditions for growing slim.
The FITBOX programme will improve your muscular balance due to its accurate and complex plan. Mainly people with a back pain (they are 90 % adults in the Czech Republic) will appreciate this effect of the FITBOX programme.

  • Aerobic exercises ideal for people who want to lose weight
  • Forms and strengthen body
  • Improves condition of a skin
  • Improves a condition in a simple and amusing way
  • Influences positively our mood
A little advice for the 1st FITBOX lesson:

  • come at least 10 minutes before the beginning
  • we recommend you to drink at least 1 liter of water before, during and after the lesson
  • you don’t need special clothes, but it is good to wear sportswear, which absorb perspiration and it is more comfortable during sweating
  • we recommend sport shoes, bandage or gloves designed for FITBOX (if you don’t know which ones, our instructor will advice you willingly).